Thursday, February 22, 2018

Weekly Roundup

holy spring time! i've always said that groundhog was a liar. we were blessed with 70 degree temperatures this week in new york (and most of the east coast) which meant al fresco dining and my earliest annual attempt at tanning. i mean, should we be worried it's 70 degrees in february, probably. but like the wrinkles that will inevitably pop up at the end of the summer, that’s future tory's problem.

i had to work over the holiday weekend so my mom came up to keep me company and partake in a love affair with my city. there's something so magical about weekends when half the population clears out and you can actually brunch without a reservation.

indulging in:
everything at la goulue: saturday night we ventured out in the snow to visit the recently reopened la goulue and the beloved upper east side french institution closed its doors eight years ago over a leasing issue but finally reopened last month. go immediately. 

the hockney exhibit at the met: if you're seeking a little optical indulgence look no further than the hockney exhibit . the colors are intoxicating and the emotion he manages to capture in such a geometric forum is astonishing. this is the last weekend of the exhibit so make sure to put it on your weekend to-do list.

reeling over:
jennifer aniston's divorce announcement: it was the news heard round the world last thursday and now that i have had over a week to digest this information, i feel mentally prepared to discuss. if you know me, you are aware that jen has been my OG way longer than my devotion to Kate Middleton began. i'm genuinely embarrassed to divulge how many times i attempted to recreate her haircuts (remember her bob?). and while justin isn't someone i would necessity gravitate toward, i shipped them because she deserved happiness and am heartbroken for this woman i have never met having to face the inevitable avalanche of tabloid covers she will now grace. (i'm just glad her announcement came after brangelina's.) but let's get to the really big question, where do you all fall on the brad reunion debate? when they were together, the beauty was almost blinding, then that troll angelina hypnotized him and broke the entire worlds hearts in her quest to singlehandedly repopulate the earth. i have to admit a little part of me would die to see them get back together, but also #girlpower blah blah blah, he cheated and she deserves better...

stuck in my head:

pamela munson's straw bags. i'm immediately buy one of these bags, i'm just faced with the dilemma of the clutch or tote

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Apartment Wishlist

i moved into my shoebox studio almost nine months ago. prior to my big migration downtown, i went to painstaking detail to choose every trinket that would cross my threshold. i wanted every item, down to the sink caddy, to be a representation of my ideal personal esthetic. the result is a space that feels entirely like me and fills me with joy the moment i enter the door. it may be tiny, but it's mine. 

but as the one year mark approaches, i am looking to make a few minor updates to add some freshness and rejuvenation that we all need after a long winter. here are a few of the items on my apartment wishlist. (and just in time to take advantage of one kings lane's presidents day site wide sale!)

Apartment Wishlist

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Book Club- February

we are officially halfway through february! i'm conflicted about the month that generally provides some of the most bone chilling temperatures, but sweetens the deal with valentines day and fewer days. if you, like me, are tempted to hunker down and wait out the final dog days of winter, you may be looking for a good book to snuggle up with and i may be able to oblige your request. here are the books i most recently finished

the wife between us by greer hendricks: i will preface my opinion by saying i read this directly on the heels of the last mrs. parrish (which i gave me rave review of here), and since the two books have similar premises, tones, pacing and twists, this felt like a cheap knockoff of it's predecessor. having said that i'm choosing to believe part of that was an accident of timing and not really the novels fault. the story is interesting and does include a good amount of interesting developments (even though a few are a bit far fetched). all in all, it was a pretty good read just not one of my personal favorites.

jacquline bouvier kennedy onassis: the untold story by barbara leaming : the untold story: biographies are difficult to assess because they are so subjective. but i personally believe what most influences my opinion is the subject of the work. perhaps it's because my father is the greatest living expert on JFK, or in part to my grandparents personal relationship with the couple, but i have been fascinated by jackie kennedy my entire life. my interest extends far beyond the morbid obsession most people have toward her into her strength, independence, intelligence, poise, charisma, and elegance. the book begins with her formative years that had a huge impact on the woman who would eventually stand beside the most powerful man in the world, and extends beyond her second marriage when she once again found herself widowed and working in publishing. after countless documentaries and secondhand stories, i still managed to find out new nuggets of information. if you feel nostalgia for the days when celebrity came as a reward for substance rather than sensationalism, this book is for you. ( and if your interest in the kennedy extends to the next generation, fairytale interrupted by rosemarie terenzo is the most personal work about carolyn bassett and her relationship with John Jr.- one of my favorite books i've ever read)

my lovely wife in the psych ward by mark lukach: i went to an all girls high school that shared a campus with an adjoining boy school. the two institutions were separated by a giant hill and halfway between our worlds was our mutual dining hall. everyday, my friends and i would walk the ridiculously steep stairs to leer at our male counterparts and drool over mr. lukach. yes, the author of this book was a teacher at my high school and as you can imagine, this face, caused quiet a stir in the lunch room. naturally, when word got out that he had written a best selling book, my friends and i didn't waste much time purchasing it. my personal interest aside, this book is absolutely beautiful. it follows mark and his wife guila from the moment they first meet at georgetown through their unconditional love as guila experience her first psychotic break, to becoming parents, and learning to cope with gulia's mental illness. it will reaffirm your faith in love and shows exactly what the vows "in sickness and in health, in good times and bad" really mean.

the woman in the window by a.j. finn : this book provided a particular kind of disappointment. everyone and their mother is reading this book and i had extremely high hopes but something that was receiving such ave reviews. perhaps it's because i have indulged in one too many thrillers, but instead, what i found was a slow paced, predictable, mess. the story centers around an agoraphobic woman who is captivated by the lives of her neighbors, specifically the new family across the street. one night, she witnesses something horrific that shapes all the events thereafter. i would genuinely recommend skipping this one.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Weekly Roundup

happy v-day fam! i'm sitting here dreaming of desk mailboxes full of construction paper, and glitter, valentines. and even though being an adult means more sushi and wine instead of conversation hearts, i'm feeling the love for quiet a few things today.

the perfect galentines day party: i find the moniker "galentines day" absolutely cringe-worthy and suffer a physical aversion whenever i hear it. in my opinion, the only thing more cliche than complaining about being single on february 14th is pretending to be happy about it. but i have to admit after checking out goops interpretation i may have to reevaluate my stance, if for nothing else than those mouthwatering ice cream sandwiches. 

dreaming of:
  kule dylan cardigan: have you ever seen a more valentines day appropriate article of clothing? 

style crushing on
lauren santo domingo: every decade has it's own style icon, from princess diana to carolyn bassette,  they are the women who influence an entire generation. and personally i think the millennia's should look no further than the woman-of-the-moment, lauren santo domingo. the creator of the revolutionary fashion site moda operandi, that was the first to introduce immediate runway to consumer sales, has been gracing the front rows of all this weeks hottest shows. (i was getting major fomo while watch all the fashion glitterati's instagram stories at the frame anniversary dinner). i work directly down the block from santo domingo's jaw dropping gramercy park brownstone (she out bid SJP for it) and get to catch a glimpse of her street style frequently and she never disappoints. she is sophistication personified.

  vintage finds for la maison supreme: who needs crowded flea markets and haggle savy vendors when you can skip all the nonsense and head right to the vintage jewels? one kings lane is pretty much my constant go to when it come to anything for my apartment and this particular category has me ready to sell a kidney to purchase some of the beautiful trinkets. 

love notes:  since i'm not in an jane eyre novel, i'm not penning beautifully, long winded letters to my beloved. but i do have an obscene amount of delinquent thank you notes to pop in the mail and am looking for some fun personalize stationary for the occasion. so cast your vote option 1, option 2 or option 3

mic drop
carolina herrera's final collection: on monday herrera showed her final collection as the the face and head designer of her label with an ode to her personal style. for the final walk, a parade of models were clad in her signature crisp white blouse, statement belt, and colorful ballgown. it was the epitome of a swan song. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Weekly Roundup

i have a confession to make, these are my favorite posts to read (and write). i love a brief little glimpse into the authors everyday life and i love getting to share some of my unfiltered thoughts with you. a beautifully curated internet identity is wonderful, but a little boring, i prefer a dash of personality.

copying: meghan markel's messy bun. i know it's the faux pas heard round the world, and while I do agree- in theory- that is a tad bit informal for official royal engagements, and could stand a bit of streamlining, i'm a fan. think she's doing wedding day dry runs? regardless, it's modern and cool and makes me feel like it's okay to not give myself my nightly blowouts.

watching: the marvelous mrs. maisel. after sinking into a deep depression prompted by withdrawal after binging the crown in one weekend, a lethargic and unattractive bachelor, and the handmaid's tale and 13 reasons why premiere dates months away, i began contemplating my existence and wondering what people did before the ability to waste hours of their lives staring at a singular screen. sure there's always the reality antics on bravo (i'm looking at you summer house) to occupy my attention, but i had a void in my heart that only a intelligently written, scripted show could fill. enter the marvelous mrs. maisel. from the creator of gilmore girl's comes the story of midge a 1950's upper west side jewish housewife who finds herself suddenly contemplating a career in stand up comedy after her husband decides to leave her. it's one of the best shows i've seen in a long time. with captivating characters, gorgeous wardrobes and witty dialog, you will finally have the answer to what the love child between mad men and seinfeld looks like.

growing: paper whites. i'm tempted to say i don't have much of a green thumb but the truth is i don't think i've ever actually attempted to keep anything, other than myself, alive (excluding a singular basil plant i purchased from whole foods in a wildly optimistic weekly grocery run). my previous apartment didn't get any direct sunlight, but my new digs offers glorious afternoon light so i feel like I already have one element of plant rearing in place. i think low maintenance foliage is best to ease myself into this uncharted world of gardening, and i think a bulb plant may be just the ticket. if i can keep this sucker alive, I may finally realize my dream of a mini herb garden on my fire escape this summer!

wearing: REN keep young and beautiful. for as long as i can remember, i have voiced my personal philosophy regarding plastic surgery, i plan to be nipped and tucked every inch below my neck after i finally finish having children, but have always maintained i will stay away from my face. after one too many microbiology classes in college, i just can't get past my anxiety over the long term effects of injecting botulinum into our skin. but as i stare down the barrel of thirty i have decided it's time to get serious about anti aging products. i just started this product last week, after a celebrity endorsement (not a #ad) and several positive reviews, and while i'm waiting to come to an ultimate conclusion, i'm curious if any of you have used this and/or have any other products to suggest? i'll report back with my findings.

have a great weekend! 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Bargain Buys

this past weekend, new york was treated to two solid days of a deluge, accompanied by mild temperatures. and while our personal monsoon season was less than ideal, i found a high above freezing completely uplifting. i'm aware that spring is still a while away, but i found myself day dreaming of al fresco saturday brunch dates and evenings out when i can finally trade my parka for a light leather jacket. prompted by my lust for the culmination of hibernation, i realized i needed to purchase some need duds. here are a few of the items i found (most of which i have already purchased for myself) and all of which have a price point under $50! 

Bargain Buys
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other pieces i purchased include 
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

now if spring would just hurry up... 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

God Only Knows What I'd Be Without You

i don't care what anyone says, i love valentine's day. regardless of the fact that i am chronically single, and that goddamn groundhog saw his shadow meaning we're sentenced to six more weeks of this hell, valentine's day is the magenta oasis in the dullness that is february. any holiday that encourages wine, candy, and trinket indulgences has my name written all over it. so here are a few of my favorite novelties that are perfect for the occasion.

Untitled #117

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