Monday, May 21, 2018

Royally Obsessed

when you're on the precipice of entering your third decade on earth, you come to accept a number of truths; aches and pains are a part of a new reality, facial expressions create peculiar crevasses on your forehead, and hangovers have a convenient way of lasting two whole days. this monday i am battling a unique form of illness known as the royal wedding hangover. still struggling from my sleep deprivation from waking before even the garbage men descend onto the streets of manhattan, i am bursting with the overwhelming desire to dissect every minute detail of saturday's festivies, and plagued with the melancholy one faces when the show you have just binge watched ultimately comes to an end. but since we're optimists here lets focus of the dish and chat about meg and harry's day. brace yourself, i've got a lot of opinions. 

it's no secret that i've been ambivalent about my feelings for the newly minted duchess of sussex. sometimes i get the feeling she is imagining she's acting in a lifetime movie about a commoner who falls for a dashing prince, rather than showing her genuine personality (and for the love of god please stop holding harry's hand on public appearances). but, for the most part, i've come around, mainly due to her generous nature and her unwavering independent confidence. the week leading up to her nuptials had to have been a trying time for markle, with her half siblings and father determined to show the world the very best of american culture, she was the picture of composure and strength as she drove with her darling mother, in the queen's vintage rolls-royce, to st george's chapel. you will never convince me that her father actually had a heart attack (the man was seen the following day at KFC) but i can't blame her for opting to uninvite him after his scandal broke. her ultimate decision, to walk the first part of the procession solo (excluding the painfully precious bridesmaids and pageboys) and then to have her now father-in-law escort her to her prince, was the perfect solution. while i know many think her mother, who is her closest confidant and role model, should have had the honor, i'm glad she adhered to emily post approved etiquette that the MOB does not "give away" the bride. 

but meghan wasn't afraid to push the envelope when it came to the ceremony. she opted to pay homage to her heritage by selecting an unconventional, boisterous bishop to provide a sermon, and tapping a gospel choir to sing ben e. king's hit "stand by me". i know this will be an unpopular opinion, and i recognize that the current trend is to showcase elements of the couples personality during the wedding, but i'm a traditionalist and found both breeches of protocol out of place at a royal wedding. the bishop was ready to execute his fifteen minutes of fame to the fullest (rumor was he was  asked to keep his remarks short and sweet) but we lost our way rather quickly and needed more than bread crumbs to find our way back to the initial message of love. while the rogue preacher was great for some laughs, thanks to the faces of confusion amongst the congregation, i found myself praying for the boys choir to sing him off like they do during the oscars. and in a similar vein, the kingdom choir's rendition of night's classic would have been better suited (no pun intended) for the reception. having said all that, it's so refreshing to see someone so confident and unapologetic in who they are. i look forward to watching her continue to modernize the monarchy. 

but aside from those minor hiccups, coupled with one stubborn stray piece of hair, the day was perfection. have you ever seen a more glorious hedgerow? the billowing arrangements, that were created by philippa craddock, included white foxgloves, white stocks, flowering birch, beech, hornbeam, and blue delphiniums. after the ceremony concluded, they were deconstructed and rearranged and delivered to hospice patients at st. joseph's. (the interior flowers were left for a wedding later this week- what a lucky bride!). they were the perfect compliment to her hand picked, by harry, bouquet from their private garden full of diana's favorite flower, lily of the valley. 

but the biggest statement of the entire day were the dress(es). markle shocked the entire world when she stepped out wearing british designer clare waight-keller for the famed french haute couture house givenchy. the two worked very closely together to bring markle's vision to life, under such secrecy that five people total knew about the dress (the designer even managed to keep it a secret from her husband and children). based on markle's style i had no doubt the dress would be composed of simple, clean lines, lack embellishments, and have a modern twist (can you say "nailed it"). the deep boatneck was current and youthful, while the classic silhouette is timeless. the simplicity of the look allowed for elements, such as the intricately embroidered veil (with deep symbolism, showcasing flowers from all 53 countries in the commonwealth, as well as the flower wintersweet which grows on the grounds of kensington palace, and a poppy to represent california) as well as the glistening tiara from queen mary to really shine. but the biggest statement came for the evening reception. markle famously said that carolyn bessette's bridal look was her definition of "goals". so i knew she would go for a more form fitting, flowy dress for the black tie component of the day. meghan and harry stepped out in their respective wardrobe changes, her in a bespoke stella mccartney high neck sheeth gown, pale blue soled aquazzura pumps, and the most stunning aquamarine ring gifted from harry curtesy of his late mother princess diana, and he in his tux, to their awaiting steel blue (american) jaguar. while i think the car detail was a slight rip off of will and kate (that harry lovingly adorned with a "just wed" license plate and balloons), everything about this moment was flawless. 

they then drove off to meet their guests, and to dance the night away (starting with my personal favorite "i wanna dance with somebody”). the night was full of surprises; including george clooney manning the tequila bar, a signature cocktail named "when harry met meghan", and a fireworks display.

so, how many years until george ties the knot?

post script,
best dressed wedding guest: 
ceremony: amal clooney
reception: priyank chopra

cutest moment:
princess charlotte enthusiastically waving the couple off 

honorable mention:
kate middleton: she had a baby three weeks ago and she still looked like a rock star

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Weekly Roundup

are you there spring, it's me margaret? happy 75 degree day everyone! i plan on blinding everyone within a four block radius today with my pasty white legs, because dammit i deserve to wear a dress. i hope everyone has managed to survive the khloe kardashian cheating scandal this week. i don't know about you but i'm starting to think they don't have the best taste in men...just some food for thought as we glide into the weekend. speaking of, here are some other things that have commandeered my attention the past five days; 

listening to: 
i'm slightly embarrassed to say i was unaware of this vocal masterpiece until last week when i caught the hosts, casey wilson and danielle schneider, on watch what happens live and fell instantly in love with their snarky commentary. i'm pretty selective about introducing a new podcast into my repertoire but i could not resist. two episodes in and it's already my favorite guilty pleasure. 

fuming over: 
 i'm a huge fan of the minimalist aesthetic that has made celine famous but this bag has simply gone too far. um the emperor has no clothes, people! the $600 transparent bodega bag was introduced in january and might as well come with a free "i'm a moron" tattoo for your forehead. this debut rivals balenciaga's $2100 ikea tote

inspired by the return of my favorite season of housewives, accompanied by my insatiable need for carolyn bessette knowledge, i finally ready carole's memoir and it's so good. she (or her ghost writer- jk, she definitely wrote this) is unbelievable talented. stay tuned for a full synopsis at the end of the month. 

i'll admit i've vacillated on my feelings for ms. markle (sometimes it feels as though she's acting a bit too much, and for god's sake, STOP holding his hand on official engagements) but i think this announcement has put me squarely in her camp. in lieu of wedding gifts (i mean what would you get them anyway) the couple has asked for donations to be made to their four favorite charities. elegant move, girlfriend. well done. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

March Book Club

march was a slow reading month for me. unlike the first two months of 2018, in which i was tearing through over a book a week, i found myself stalling. perhaps i could put blame on an inconsistent schedule or lack of stimulating material but in all honesty i think it was just laziness.

turtles all the way down by john green: i LOVED this book. initially, i was hesitant given that this book is classified as a "young adult novel" a demographic of which i am most definitely not a part. but i had seen it creeping up on countless instagram accounts so i knew i had to give it a chance. from the beloved author of the mega hit the fault in our stars (which i did not read) comes a beautiful story about a mentally ill teenager, as she finds herself attempting to solve a missing person's case while succumbing to her first love.

blink: the power by thinking without thinking by malcolm gladwell: i've previously enjoyed one of malcom gladwell's books, the tipping point, and was excited to dive into another one of his works. this was one of my audio books and unfortunately this one just didn't peak my interest. the premise revolves around our snap decisions and delves into why we think the way we do. while his examples are always interesting and his research extensive, this book felt as though it could have been simply summed up in an article rather than flushed out into an entire book. additionally, i didn't feel as though i really learned anything new about the topic. not his best and you'd probably best be advised to skip it.

wild: from lost to found on the pacific crest trail by cheryl strayed: i may be the last person alive to read cheryl strayed universally popular memoir but oh my god it's great. i opted to wait to watch the movie until i finished the book, as a little bit of motivation, and i'm so glad i did. we follow strayed as an inexperienced hiker as she sets out to travel from mexico to canada while battling the fallout and grief of the death of her mother and the demise of her marriage. i wholeheartedly recommend this masterpiece. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Little Lusts

sometimes it's the little things in life that can provide an abundance of happiness. it's no secret that i'm a girl with expensive tastes, which don't always coincide with my lifestyle (hey, manhattan is expensive). so occasionally one most resort to the simple pleasures in life, such as these gorgeous aerin for williams sonoma salad plates. during my daily descension into the blackhole of internet shopping, i found several charming trinkets to satisfy my retail itch without breaking the bank. here are the items that are at the very top of my wishlist

Friday, April 6, 2018

Weekly Roundup

happy friday fam! here are a few of my favorite things this week

i have found myself at the famed institution twice in the past month and i couldn't be more thrilled. if you are in the market for simple elegance and the world's best cheeseburger, go immediately. 

listening to:
last weekend, in an incredibly optimistic gesture, i decided to switch my closet from fall/winter to spring/summer. and while this was slightly premature, i had ample time to revisit the case of adnan syed. after seeing last week the, in my opinion, wrongfully convicted prisoner has been granted a retrial i knew i had to bone up on the facts of the case again. i cannot wait to see how the whole thing unfolds. 

i don't care, i am someone who buys a book based on the cover and wine based on the label. at $15 a bottle this would be the perfect gift for any animal lover and, bonus, it's delicious. 

how beautiful are these jewel toned juice glasses? 

there are few series that both my parents and i can enjoy and this one tops the list. can is doing a fantastic job of chronicling the history of one of the countries most famous families. my interest only piqued further, last sunday, when we sat alongside caroline kennedy during easter mass. don't miss it sundays at 9pm (this week tackles the assassination). 

buying anthropologie juice glasses

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

That's Not Even Yo Style

i'm torn between my embarrassment and pride in the fact that i can recite every syllable of various sex and the city episodes. one in particular, finds carrie and samantha strutting down madison avenue discussing the casual topic of their respective abortions when jones is struck by her lust for the hermes birkin bag. bradshaw is perplexed, "really? that's not even yo style". 

lately, i've found myself in the midst of my own catrall conundrum, dreaming of pieces that aren't necessarily in line with my personal esthetic. in part, i blame my new downtown address full of countless hip and trendy individuals for my sudden inclination to branch out. usually my lust evaporates over time, when i remind myself i lack certain qualities to pull off said item. all the beautiful things, like an acne shelling jacket, just fantasies of a life i'll never lead...

but there's one item (well, technically two) that i cannot shake from my mind. like a 90's pop song stuck in your head, visions of golden goose sneakers are continuously passing through my brain on a loop.  i want them, i need them, i've got to have them. is it slightly irrational to spend $500 on a pair of sneakers, perhaps. are they way too cool for me, most certainly. but i just don't care. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Straw Bags

i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. easter has become one of my favorite holidays over the past few years. it's the only one i get to celebrate in the city i call home, with the two people that mean the most to me. for the past five years my parents have traveled up early sunday morning, burgeoning wicker basket in hand, to deliver milk chocolate bunnies and reese's eggs (with a trinket or two mixed in). we then head over to the upper east side to wait in line alongside the majority of new york city's social registrar. with ensembles rivaling fashion week and more birkin's than you see at the BG cafe for brunch, it's an optical indulgence. regardless of the temperature, it feels like the city is finally coming back to life. the poppy red tulips that line park avenue and the pastel clad toddlers, is enough to put a smile on anyones face. 

there is only one thing more synonymous with spring than florals ("groundbreaking"...) and that is wicker. for the past few s/s seasons straw bags have seen a resurgence in popularity. the easter bunny was kind enough to deliver this grosgrain pamela munson beauty to me and words cannot express how obsessed i am with it. my love runs deeper than peoples fascination with who bit beyonce, so much so that i'm moments away from adding the complimenting clutch to my cart. whether you're in the market for a bag to protect your farmers market peonies, or window shopping in sag harbor, these beauties won't let you down.